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A luxury clothing rent e-commerce platform

Revest is an e-commerce website that rents luxury clothing and apparel.
Its development was commissioned to Mikamai by its owner and was developed as a single page application using modern 12factor paradigms and cloud technologies.
I designed and developed most of the backend and helped integrating Amazon Cognito on the frontend side for user authentication.

Technological Stack


The frontend application is a VueJS Single Page Application with a fully custom stylesheet. It uses Apollo as its GraphQL client and Vuex for application-wide state management.


The backend is a Ruby on Rails application exposing a GraphQL API. Most of the sections of the schema, especially those regarding user data, are protected by an authentication system based on Amazon Cognito.

Cloud Services

  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Cognito

Other Technologies

  • JSON Web Tokens
  • Docker and Kubernetes (for deployments)
  • Braintree (payment gateway)
  • Sentry (error reporting)