Hello World!

My name’s Matteo, and I’m a software developer from Europe. I mainly focus on cloud-native infrastructure, API backends and integration systems, and I’m deeply in love with topics like container orchestration, distributed systems and access control management.

Core Skills

As a solution architect my focus is designing private deployment platforms for enterprises that wish to give developers the same as a service feeling as some of the big PaaS providers, while keeping control of their infrastructure and data. I’m specialized in Kubernetes based solutions that are easy to install, maintain, and scale as the project grows.

I led the design and implementation of the Karavel Container Platform, an open-source software toolkit to reliably build custom deployment platforms powered by Kubernetes.

As a software developer I am competent in a wide range of programming languages such as Rust, Elixir, ECMAScript/TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, and Golang. I’m confident with a variety of off-the-shelf tools lime PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka, NATS, RabbitMQ, and Keycloak.

I’m an experienced system administrator, especially following DevOps and GitOps practices, and know my way around various Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Windows and macOS environments, OCI containers (including Kubernetes and derivatives) and CI/CD pipelines (both services like CircleCI and GitLab CI and on-prem stuff like Tekton and Drone).

I’m especially well-versed in API solutions design, both RESTful and GraphQL-based, event-driven/eventually consistent applications and Enterprise Integration Systems (Apache Camel and alike). I’m also very skilled in OAuth2-based protocols, like OpenID Connect 1.0 and User Managed Acces 2.0, with experience in both consuming and implementing them.

Work Experience

Check out my full resume here!


I’m a certified AWS Associate Solution Architect, you can verify my badge here, by downloading my certificate, or by visiting https://aws.amazon.com/verification using the validation number VPZD850DPJEEQZSR.

AWS certification badge