Hello World!

My name’s Matteo and I’m a software developer from Europe. I mainly focus on cloud-native solutions, web backends and integration systems, and I’m deeply in love with topics like container orchestration, distributed systems and access control management.

Core Skills

I’m fairly competent with object oriented and functional programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, Ruby, ECMAScript/TypeScript, Erlang and Elixir. I’m also studying more extreme functional languages such as Haskell and ReasonML.

I’m an experienced system administrator, especially following DevOps and GitOps practices, and know my way around various Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Windows and macOS environments, Docker containers (including Kubernetes and derivatives) and CI/CD pipelines (both services like CircleCI and GitLab CI and on-prem stuff like GoCD and Drone).

I’m specialized in API solutions design, both RESTful and GraphQL-based, and Enterprise Integration Systems (Apache Camel and alike). I’m also taking a deep interest in OAuth2-based protocols, like OpenID Connect 1.0 and User Managed Acces 2.0.

I consider myself a skilled Keycloak developer and administrator, having production experience in both installing and maintaining it and securing applications with it, as well as extending its functionalities.

Work Experience

  • Cloud Solution Architect @Mikamai / May 2018 - Current
    Designing and developing modern cloud-native architectures and applications, helping clients achieve their business goals from requirements to production. Mainly focusing on Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and Elixir backends, deployed on AWS-powered infrastructures and secured by Keycloak.

  • Backend Developer and Integration Specialist @TechGap Italia / January 2017 - May 2018
    Developing and maintaining Java-based projects both internal and for clients, along with open source projects. I work on integration solutions for financial data transfer with software like Apache Camel, and on a business invoice mapping and conversion software.