My Projects

Projects I worked on. Both personal work, open source initiatives I contributed to, and professional projects.

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    open source rust cloud

    A Cloud native multi-package registry, built on distributed technologies to achieve high availability and easy horizontal scaling

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    EeISI Mapper
    professional open source techgap

    The EeISI mapper translates from the formats required by EN 16931 (OASIS UBL and UN/CEFACT CII) into the national FatturaPA format and viceversa.

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    PlugFace Framework
    open source plugin framework

    PlugFace is the simple, friction-free Java plugin framework that allows you to load classes at runtime without having to worry about anything.

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    open source telegram bot

    Bookmark your telegram conversations! A Telegram bot to save your important conversations

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    professional mikamai aws

    Luxury clothing rent eCommerce platform, built on modern Cloud Native solutions

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    Chef In Camicia - Mobile App
    professional mikamai

    Social Media for the italian cooking community Chef In Camicia, where users can upload their own photos and share recipes with each other and win prices based on their success