Matteo Joliveau

Software Developer & Cloud Enthusiast

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My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.

Charles Kettering

Core Skills


Java 7 and 8, Kotlin and Groovy development

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Backend Development

Spring Framework, ExpressJS and Ruby on Rails

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Frontend Development

ReactJS, Embedded Ruby, ES6

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System Administration

Linux, Docker Containers, NGINX, SQL and NoSQL DBs

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My Projects

PlugFace Framework

PlugFace is the next generation framework for Java modular applications, capable of turning a clunky software into an agile, hot swappable app. It features a lightweight core and a simple API, plugin autodiscovery, centralized context management and simple API extension through annotations.


jTelegraf is a Java porting of the greate NodeJS library Telegraf that provide and intuitive, event based API to create Telegram bots. It allows to define bot behavior through callbacks in response to particular inputs and features an efficient and clean code style that leverage modern features from Java 8 such as lambdas and streams.

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