Matteo Joliveau

Software Developer and Cloud Enthusiast


My toughts about the world of software and computers. Personal opinions only


Tech Stack

I write software in multiple ways, with many technologies and languages. See what I can do

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Like my blog, but bigger. I share ideas and knowledge.

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I contribute and develop open source software as a passion and a mission. Make the world better one piece of code at the time!

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What can I do for you?

Java & JVM

Java and Kotlin backend development, Spring Framework, JPA, microservices, message queues, REST APIs, chatbots, coffee mugs.


All things web with this beautiful and stylish language. Backend and microservices, REST and GraphQL, message queues and CLI scripts. You name it.

NodeJS and JavaScript

Async all the things! Chatbots, web services and microservices in JavaScript, ES6 and TypeScript.

Enterprise Web

Integration systems, distributed backend applications and API servers. We move the web from behind the scenes.


I’m a backend developer and integration specialist at TechGap Italia, a consulting company based in Milan, Italy


TechGap Italia

Consulting and Development

We satisfy our customer, reaching his goal in the best way, identifying the best compromise between his business needs and the technological tools that correspond with the italian or international context where he works.

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