Sinelec EMERAS

professional automotive cloud

EMERAS is a software solution I designed for Sinelec, the technological branch of ASTM Group, to integrate connected vehicles with smart road infrastructures. I provided the technological solution design and followed the initial implementation phase working closely with Sinelec’s domain experts, producing a cloud-native platform for interconnecting vehicles, appliances and third-party systems easily and securely.

EMERAS acts as a data processing platform capable of ingesting events in real-time from a variety of inputs (MQTT, AMQP, HTTP, UDP) and formats (XML, JSON, ProtoBuf), processing them, and forwarding them and/or producing new events to different outputs in different formats.

It provides a custom REST+WebSocket API and web UI to manage the system, and a modular design that allows to combine input and output formats at will.

EMERAS is been tested on a segment of the A4 highway, and a slimmed-down version is being deployed for testing in Turin.