About Me

March 21, 2017

Hello everyone!

My name is Matteo Joliveau.
I'm a young software developer, currently living and working in Milan, Italy.
Check out my portfolio and my full CV!

About Me

My main focus areas are web backends based on Java, Ruby and NodeJS. I'm currently working as a Java Developer at Koor Group in Milan, a consortium of software companies including TechGap Italia and Anoki for which I develop Java-based solutions for different clients and internal projects.
I'm also interested in system administration, particularly in the Linux and containers world.

I strongly believe that the as a Service paradigm will take over the web world and push everyone in using the cloud for their computing needs, whether they are developers looking in easy ways to deploy their software or common people accessing daily software from a simple browser.


You can contact me through my email or on Telegram.
Check out my social profiles to see what I do, and follow this blog for random thoughts about programming and the geek world in general!

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